Aiming to supply farming producers with fertilizers in line with its company’s purpose, as well as the Blood Product Line, FARPR AGRO offers a substantial number of products to improve crop productions in the most natural and environmentally-friendly way, with no hazardous residues.

The FARPROAGRO Blood Product Line is made in Italy. The company’s purpose is to promote the use of all substances deriving from animal blood. Ever since olden times, the huge nutritional influence of organic substances, blood in particular, on stimulating plant development has been well-known.

Only with modern scientific research has it been possible to understand the fundamental reasons for the nutritional effectiveness of fertilizers containing blood products. Recent research studies, for example, have brought to light the fact that FARPROAGRO’s Blood Products make nitrogen readily available to plants, even at low temperatures.

The mineralization of organic nitrogen depends largely on the state of health of microbial life in the ground. Suitable development of rhizospheric microorganisms and beneficial root symbiont fungi is very important in order to obtain a balanced nutritional effect on the plant ‘on demand’ and longlasting.

FARPROAGRO Blood Products are environmentally friendly, since their use allows a considerable reduction in the amount of nitrogen distributed in the ground, thus fully meeting the nutritional requirements of the plants grown.

The proteins in the blood are attacked by the microorganisms in the ground that release organic nitrogen in the form available to the plants. The bacterial metabolism provides the plant with the nitrogen needed for producing the nitrogen compounds (aminoacids, proteins) required for its development, following its physiological growth rate, which is dependent on many factors (time of the phenological cycle, climatic and soil conditions, etc.).
Since organic nitrogen is used by the plant at the very moment when it is made available by the bacterial metabolism, the losses of organic nitrogen due to volatility or leaching from the ground are vastly reduced.

The FARPR AGRO Blood Product Line differs from ordinary organic fertilizers on the market.

  • NATURE OF THE PRODUCT: All FARPR AGRO Blood Products come from ox blood, which contains some of the most bioavailable natural proteins. Blood is the element through which all living beings obtain nourishment.
  • PRODUCTION PROCESS: fermentations, heat treatments and stabilizing agents, chemical and enzyme hydrolyses are carried out in the most careful way, so as not to destroy the nutritional quality of the blood.
  • NO HEAVY METALS: Among organic fertilizers, blood products are those that have the lowest amount of heavy metals; the most hazardous ones for human health (Chromium VI and Lead) are absent.
  • SOLVING CHLOROSIS: blood is rich in organic iron, in the form of HEMOPORPHYRIN, which has a chemical structure similar to chlorophyll and is therefore particularly active in stimulating photosynthesis, and at the same time helps solve problems of chlorosis due to iron deficiency.
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